Becoming an adult, a mother and a scientist

Published: 21 November 2022

Listen to Ali's inspiring story as she shares her journey of an early love for academia, an unexpected pregnancy and navigating the challenges of adulthood without giving up on her dreams. 

Introducing Ali's story

Ali's story highlights the importance of community support when you need it most. When Ali found out she was pregnant, her local teen parent unit provided a safe space, connection with other young mums and mums-to-be as well as mentors ready with the tools and encouragement she so needed.

This, combined with the love and support from her parents, baby’s dad and friends made it possible for her to reach for her dreams.  

How to help someone going through a similar experience

If someone you know is going through what Ali experience, you can help. 

Find out how to help them feel like they belong (external link)and how to help them find support (external link). 

Reflecting on Ali's story

Growing up Ali always loved studying and dancing but after some challenging life events, she felt her dreams slip away. When she became pregnant, she found a safe place full of support and aroha and a new sense of purpose with the arrival of her baby girl. 

What have you learned listening to Ali’s story?

Learn how the Teen Parent Unit helped Ali on her journey

We talked to Kristina Moloney, one of the teachers at Titiro Whakamua, in Upper Hutt, Wellington about supporting young mums and young mums-to-be through their studies, challenges and reaching for their dreams.  

Teen Parent Unit - Titiro Whakamua(external link)