Living with ADHD

Published: 27 November 2020

Gala shares her story about her struggles with ADHD and what she does to manage herself and thrive.

Introducing Gala's story

ADHD stands for Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder and it's one of the most common neurodevelopmental disorders of childhood. There’s often a lot of stigma for people with this diagnosis.

Gala tells her story about her struggles with ADHD and what she does to manage her symptoms.

How to help someone going through a similar experience

If someone you know is going through what Gala has experienced, you can help.

Find out how to help them channel their talent and create a safe space for them.

Reflecting on Gala's story

Gala’s story highlights the importance of parents and guardians encouraging natural passions in young people. Gala’s parents saw at an early age that she was very energetic and adventurous. By giving her outlets for that, like skateboarding and karate, they helped her develop important passions.

When Gala was at school, she found her attention wandered. She felt misunderstood by her teachers, who did not always know how best to help her. Later in her education, she asked her school for extra support so she could pass NCEA as she had received a diagnosis of ADHD. For Gala, this diagnosis helped her better understand herself and what strategies could help her be successful.

Her talent in skateboarding and karate, as well as the supportive communities she found through these passions, helped build her resilience, confidence and sense of belonging.

What have you learned from listening to Gala's story?