Overcoming online bullying

Published: 29 July 2019

When both real and fake private images are shared online it can be hard to overcome.

Introducing Jaime's story

Warning this story contains conversations around bullying and sexual exploitation.

Jaime shares her personal story of what happened to her on a night out with “friends”. You’ll hear about how this experience affected her mental health and wellbeing, and how she found the strength to get through it, even forgiving those who treated her so badly.

How to help someone going through a similar experience

If someone you know is going through what Jaime has experienced, you can help. To reduce harm and the spread of online content you can report the online content and bullying to Netsafe.(external link)

If you are comfortable reporting the exploitation to NZ Police you can find out how.(external link)

The person you're supporting would also appreciate it if you could be an active listener. Find out how to help them through depression, and how to create a safe space for them.

Reflecting on Jaime's story

Jaime’s story highlights how bullying at school and online can have devastating consequences on rangatahi. When Jaime was 14, she was the victim of sexual exploitation by people she thought were trusted friends. Pictures they took were shared online and later, fake images were spread that people said were of her. This led to judgment and bullying from many of her peers which caused Jaime to lose confidence, become depressed and underperform at school.

After she talked to a trusted person things started to get better. A couple of girls in her year noticed that she was having a rough time. They looked out for her by giving her a safe space to talk about her experience when she felt ready to. By surrounding herself with positive and supportive people who were not so concerned with social status and social media, she was able to gain back her confidence, succeed at school and look forward in her life.

What have you learned from listening to Jaime’s story?