Finding a faith community

Published: 29 July 2019

Jesse shares his story of finding connection and faith.

Introducing Jesse's story

Even in our technologically connected world, finding a deeper connection with community can be difficult.

Listen to Jesse's story as he opens up about the feelings and experiences that led him to come to terms with his losses, manage his anger and find faith.

How to help someone going through a similar experience

If someone you know is going through what Jesse has experienced, you can help.

Find out how to help them manage their emotions, and help them feel connected.

Reflecting on Jesse's story

Jesse’s story highlights the importance of having great connections to a strong supportive community.

Jesse reflects on going through state care when he was younger. He was shifted around a lot of homes and developed a ‘fight or flight' survival mode where he even stopped unpacking and never truly felt “at home.” During this time, he didn't have a lot of connection to his mother’s side of the family. He felt disconnected and out of place. Later, he was able reconnect with an aunt and learn more about his whānau and whakapapa.

As Jesse grew older, his search for connections and belonging led him into his Christian faith. He started attending a church and found a community he could connect and open up to. This sense of belonging and his faith helped Jesse overcome feelings of depression and brought joy into his life.

He values giving back to his community, though mentoring others and teaching the importance of accepting others.

How would you help someone like Jesse?