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Jaime shares what helped her overcome having non-consensual images shared online.

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  • Create a safe space for me

    Create a space where a young person you know can feel safe to open up, be themselves, and let you know how they want to be supported.

  • Help me through depression

    Depression is a mental illness that a lot of people will experience in their life time

  • Stand up for me

    We’ve probably all seen someone get bullied, yelled at or attacked because of their race, gender, size or a huge range of other reasons.


Jess shares how she found connection through creativity.

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  • Express your creativity

    Kiran, a mentor at The Learning Connexion, talks about the importance of creativity in transforming the lives of young people.

  • Supporting with alternative education

    Lyriks is an alternative education school in Lower Hutt that helps young people who are unable to get the support they need through mainstream education.

  • Enhancing wellbeing

    Davina enhances youth wellbeing through her clinical work.


Chief shares how he had to care for himself at a young age when his mum got sick.

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Jesse shares how faith helped him come to terms with loss.

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Gala shares her struggles with ADHD and how she manages herself and thrives.

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