Teen Parent Unit - Titiro Whakamua

Published: 17 November 2022

Teen Parent Units (TPUs) offer young women a community of support as well as an opportunity to continue their education during and beyond pregnancy. TPUs holistic approach adds up to more than just school. Offering everything from parenting and financial advice to support in accessing other services, TPUs help young women plan future pathways for themselves and their children.  

We talked to Kristina Moloney, one of the teachers at Titiro Whakamua, in Upper Hutt, Wellington about supporting young mums and young mums-to-be through their studies, challenges and reaching for their dreams.  

“It’s paramount that we support teen parents. We have to awhi them and help them move along a good path. So, if we can do that, then they’re going to go on and find success in life and their children are going to grow up in a happy home and go on and find success themselves.”

Kristina Moloney, Titiro Whakamua teacher