Rotorua Community Youth Centre Trust

Rotorua Community Youth Centre Trust's primary focus is youth development, youth employment and youth health.


Rotorua Community Youth Centre Trust focus on the delivery of services, programmes and activities that build on the strengths and skills of young people, with youth voice and participation at the centre.

They believe it is essential for young people to have opportunities and support with development of competencies and skills. Therefore, problem solving, negotiation, decision making and self-management skills; and strengthening resilience and self-esteem are core to their programme delivery. They engage young people in decisions that affect them, also enabling better outcomes.

The way that they work supports young people to thrive at every stage of their development, especially through transition phases which can be especially difficult for young people.

They mentor, coach and support young people to help them navigate their journey to be actively engaged in education, employment and/or training.

They also help to tell your story by as you navigate your path through education, training or employment and support services. They give you a voice through For Youth By Youth Radio – POWER 88.3 “The home of youth voice”.

Rotorua Community Youth Centre Trust