Real is all about supporting young people, like you, to love life!


Real is all about supporting young people to love life!

Real believes mental wellness and wellbeing are possible for every young person. They support young people to build life skills, resilience and strong connections with their family and whānau, friends and communities.

They believe that by supporting young people to live their lives well, young people can take charge of their lives and wellbeing.

Who can get Real support?

Real is for all young people in Aotearoa, wherever they are in their health and wellbeing journey. Including those who are: 

  • feeling great
  • feeling ‘not so great’ at the moment 
  • often feeling ‘not great’ 
  • rarely feeling great.

Real in your community

Real offers a broad range of services for children, young people and their families/whānau across many regions in Aotearoa. These services include: 

  • short stay respites for young people who are experiencing a difficult time 
  • youth worker support for young people in schools and the community 
  • drug and alcohol addiction support 
  • youth mentoring 
  • support to family and whānau 
  • youth-focused wellbeing advice through Instagram(external link) and Facebook(external link).

Check out the Real website(external link) to see what Real are doing in your region.


You can contact Real by phoning 04 473 9009 or email

Right now, Real has services available in some New Zealand regions. Visit their website for more information and to see what they offer in your region.

Need help now?

If you need to talk to someone when you’re not feeling well, always remember to reach out to a trusted friend, family or whanau member – sharing our problems or feelings with others does help. There are a number of helplines(external link) available if you’d rather talk to someone anonymously.

If you or someone you love is in an emergency, call 111.

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