Porirua Living Without Violence

Porirua Living Without Violence offers various programmes and education designed to assist women, children and men to make sense of their experiences.

For Children:

Tamariki: A 10 week programme of individual, sibling and group sessions for children aged 5-14 yrs. An empowering and educational programme to assist children as they work through the impacts of being a witness or survivor of domestic violence.

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For Women:

Programmes for women which provide support, education and wellbeing which help women make wise choices and to increase the safety for themselves and their children.

Behaviour Change Programmes for women who are aware that the way they express their anger and use violence and abuse against others is harmful.

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For Men:

Behaviour Change Programmes for men that provide them with a structural understanding of men's violence, identifying the range of unaccepted violent behaviours and which teaches non-violent alternatives.

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