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For almost 70 years, Parents Centre have been providing education and skills to support parents to be the best they can possibly be and grow great kids!


Parents Centre have 52 locations across Aotearoa run by teams of dedicated volunteers who all share a passion for quality parenting. Every Centre reflects a special part of Aotearoa and the people who live there, so that we they support parents of all kinds, to grow great kids.

Their programmes provide evidence-based, relevant research to support whānau when making the very best decisions for their individual situation. Our programmes are so popular because we deliver information in a fun, engaging and interactive manner so that parents enjoy the learning while also fostering special friendships and support groups.

Parents Centre’s trained facilitators work alongside parents to develop new ways of parenting so that the first 2,000 days of every child’s life are the best they can be. Through these networks, coffee groups are established; and often referred to as lifelines.

Parent Support

From the exciting yet uncertain months of pregnancy, to the unchartered waters of a new pēpē, and the challenges and joys of the early parenting years, Parents Centre are there for you with education and support. 

Examples of support include:

  • Pregnancy, labour & birth & new-born,
  • Understanding your rights as a maternity consumer,
  • Feeding your pēpē,
  • Baby’s brain development,
  • Responsive parenting,
  • Moving onto solids,
  • Developmental milestones,
  • Toilet learning,
  • Playgroups and,
  • Music groups.

Parent Education

Parents Centres education programmes start right at the very beginning with antenatal classes(external link), offering accurate, evidence-based information to help you make the right decision during your pregnancy, labour and new-born journey.

Contributing to the growth and development of your child can be hugely rewarding, and Parents Centre offer programmes(external link) for lots of ages and stages.

Examples of their programmes include;

All of Parents Centre’s programmes are based on creating an environment where parents feel comfortable and relaxed, and children will thrive. They believe a critical component of this is the attachments and relationships developed between parents/caregivers and their baby through the early months and years, and work to support it.


You can contact Parents Centre on 04 233 2022 or email

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