Family Success Matters

Family Success Matters helps parents give their tamariki the best future they can. This could mean support with healthcare, education, safety, parenting, or connecting families with other social service providers.


Find out more below about joining one of Family Success Matters'  free family wellbeing programmes. They offer three programmes:

  1. FAMILY START - A family social services home-visiting programme in Manukau & Franklin, available to whānau with pregnant mums or infants up to 12 months old.
  2. INCREDIBLE YEARS - A 14-week parenting course in Manukau where mums and dads can learn effective parenting strategies for 3-to 8-year-olds.
  3. FATHERS FOR FAMILIES - A ground-breaking fathers course, peer-support group & fitness programme, for fathers who want to be the best dads they can be.

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