Clearhead is a free, online platform to help you find the mental wellbeing support you need.


Clearhead is a free, one-stop-shop mental health platform (app + website). They provide support through smart technology while maintaining your privacy.

Let them guide you on your wellbeing journey by helping you understand what you are going through, provide you with personalised support, and keeping track on whether you are getting better or not.

What you can do on the Clearhead app

  1. Search for NZ registered mental health professionals such as counsellors and psychologists and book available therapy sessions directly online.

  2. Talk to a chatbot which can help you figure out your mental health challenges. Once you have finished with the chatbot it provides you a summary which you can take and show your doctor or therapist to help them understand what you are going through.


To get in touch with someone at Clearhead you can send them a message online(external link) or email

Sign up to Clearhead

Getting started is really easy. You can sign up here(external link) for free.

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